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My name is Lincoln Camargo - 林肯
I work with product development
for more than 25 years.

My specialties are:

Business capture strategy.
"That's why you're here."

Purchasing improvement strategy.
"Whoever buys better sells better."

Logistics improvement strategy.
"Who puts more goods in a container
saves money and increases sustainability.

I can work to improve your
business with Paper Cups in Brazil and China.

To learn more about my career, visit my Linkedin at:

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We generally work with large Sourcing Company quantities for Supermarkets, wholesalers and Production Lines.

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We make products with your own brand. OEM and Private Label are our specialties.

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We improve the value of purchases.
We improve products on average by 20% to 50%.
Whoever buys better, sells better.

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To work on sales with our buyers, we need you to record a video presenting your plantation.

Sourcing Company Video Recording Instruction.

1 - Record the video saying my name: Lincoln
2 - Quantity of Sourcing Company you have available:
3 - Location:
4 - Date:

Example of the video message:

Hello Lincoln!
I produce of 30 tons of Sourcing Company available for sale.
The farm or company is in the city of Alfenas, Minas Gerais.
Harvest is scheduled for September.

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